7-Eleven’s planned expansion into WA a ‘good call’, Roy Morgan Research

7-Eleven's expansion to WA is a 'good idea', according to Roy Morgan Research More than a third (36 per cent) of Australians aged 14 years or older pay at least one visit to a convenience store in any given three-month period, according to findings from market research organisation Roy Morgan Research. With these findings in mind, Roy Morgan Research has said that convenience store group... Read more »


UK a ‘nation of chocoholics’, Mintel finds

The UK is a 'nation of chocoholics', according to Mintel Nearly one in six (16 per cent) UK consumers, or around eight million people, eat chocolate every day, and a similar number (17 per cent) do so four to six times a week, according to new findings from global market research organisation... Read more »

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CHEP launches next generation FMCG Retail Display Pallet

CHEP has launched new generation pallets Packaging and container company CHEP Australia has released a new “next generation small foodprint retail ready” display pallet, developed in consultation with manufacturers and retailers for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) retail supply chain. CHEP... Read more »

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Scotch Whisky registered as a trademark in Australia

Scotch Whisky is now a registered trademark in Australia Scotch Whisky has been registered as a certification trade mark in Australia, after nearly ten... Read more »

Foodbank Australia announces new CEO

Foodbank has announced the appointment of a new CEO Australia’s largest food relief agency Foodbank Australia has announced that its Board of Directors... Read more »

Anti-Dumping Commission publishes final report on ‘dumped’ tomatoes

The Anti-Dumping Commission has published its final report on 'dumped' Italian tomatoes The Anti-Dumping Commission has published a final report... Read more »

Cadbury Australia partners with Monpi to import Fairtrade cocoa, supporting PNG farmers

Cadbury Australia is set to import Fairtrade cocoa from PNG Chocolate brand Cadbury Australia has announced it is set to begin importing Fairtrade cocoa... Read more »


Plummeting number of heart disease deaths in England likely influenced by reduced salt intake

Reduction in salt intake likely cause of lower death rates from heart disease in England The 15 per cent fall in dietary salt intake over the past decade... Read more »

US consumers prefer restaurants offering nutrition facts and ‘healthful’ foods

US consumers prefer restaurants that have nutrition information and "healthful" options US consumers were more likely to frequent restaurants... Read more »

Daily serving of beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils may significantly reduce “bad” cholesterol

A daily serving of lentils may lower "bad" cholesterol Eating one serve a day of beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils may significantly reduce “bad”... Read more »

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Heinz launches into Australian gluten free pasta market

The new Heinz Gluten Free Fusilli Global food manufacturer Heinz is set to introduce... Read more »

Somage Fine Foods launches two iced tea flavours for foodservice

Chamellia Iced Tea Iced tea manufacturers Somage Fine Foods have launched two Chamellia... Read more »

Fanta Flavour Lab returns to create and promote new Fanta flavours

Fanta has re-launched its 'Flavour Lab' Soft drink brand Fanta has announced... Read more »

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