Health claims hazards: are you prepared?

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 17th September 2014
Health claims hazards: are you prepared?
Health claims hazards: are you prepared?

The new health claims standard brings with it new uncertainties, new opportunities and new hazards. It can influence how a food business markets its product, how it distinguishes itself from the competition and what needs to be done to ensure the business does not mislead its consumers.

For the only time this year, food lawyers and expert consultants FoodLegal are running one of their most popular training courses on how food businesses can make the new Health Claims standard work for them.

The workshop, Harnessing the new Health Claims Standard: Opportunities in marketing the healthy angle of foods, will run in both Melbourne and Sydney in October 2014. Pre-booking is essential as numbers are limited and are expected to be filled well before each date.

The Melbourne session is very soon — Wednesday 1 October 2014.

Some food businesses struggle with the following questions, which the workshop will help to answer:

  • How is the nutrient profiling criterion score is calculated?
  • Does the food business understand the health star rating system?
  • Would a product be better marketed as a food or complementary medicine?
  • Could a food product gain the benefits of classification as a functional or special purpose food?
  • Is the food business aware of all the new ‘health claims’ that itsproducts could make?

Food businesses that struggle with the above questions, are encouraged to let FoodLegal take the stress out of the transition period and teach them how to make these changes work to their benefit.

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Wednesday 1 October 2014, Cliftons Conference Centre, 1/440 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000


Monday 13 October 2014, Cliftons Conference Centre, Level 13/60 Margaret Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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