FoodLegal’s most popular workshop is back in Sydney and Melbourne

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 21st January 2015
FoodLegal’s most popular workshop is back in Sydney and Melbourne
FoodLegal’s most popular workshop is back in Sydney and Melbourne

Food law expert consultants FoodLegal have decided by popular demand to run more sessions of their training workshop on the Health Claims Standard of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

This FoodLegal intensive workshop is about “Harnessing the new Health Claims Standard: Opportunities in marketing the healthy angle of foods” and addresses the new Health Claims Standard and how it likely affects marketing of the product.

The workshop includes issues such as the nutrient profiling criteria, substantiation of general level health claims, limitations on nutrition claims, and conveying the health message in numerous alternative compliant ways.

The ‘Harnessing the new Health Claims Standard’ workshop has proven popular, with limited places selling out. Nearly 200 food marketing and technical professionals and product developers from around Australia and internationally have previously attended one of the FoodLegal workshop sessions on this topic.

Are you prepared?

The workshop is presented in person by leading food lawyer Charles Fisher, who is a principal of FoodLegal and an accomplished presenter, trainer and facilitator in the food regulatory sphere.

Participants will be given guidance on how to design and assess marketing and packaging claims, product descriptors and advertising to minimise the risk of legal liability for products and businesses wishing to carry a health claim or nutritional claim.

The workshop also includes:

  • How the new Health Claims Standard will apply to products and marketing campaigns;
  • How the new Health Claims Standard will interact with other laws such as the Australian Consumer Law and the Therapeutic Goods Act;
  • What one must do to substantiate health claims that have not been FSANZ approved;
  • Methodological approaches for Health Claims;
  • Exploring alternative marketing methods in light of the new Health Claims Standard;
  • The impact of the Health Star Rating System

The workshop will give participants answers for the following questions:

  • Is it a nutrition claim or a general level health claim?
  • Can I claim to be “<…> free” anymore?
  • What can I say about fats?
  • What about innovative/novel substances?
  • What about sodium reduction claims?
  • When can I use a health-related endorsement?
  • What can be said in relation to “slimming” or “weight loss” problems?
  • What can I say about a functional/bioactive ingredient?
  • When can I say without any pre-approvals?
  • What if my product does not meet the nutrient profiling criterion? What opportunities are there for me?
  • How will this affect my brands / company / trademarks?
  • Other relevant issues can be addressed.


Monday 2 March 2015 8:30am-1pm

Sydney CBD

More details and register here


Tuesday 3 March 2015 8:30am-1pm

Melbourne CDB

More details and register here