FoodLegal symposium is vital for food product developers and innovators

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 30th March 2016

The future is here symposiumIn food product development, ingredients and marketing are two of the key drivers.

You may know what you want, but you also need to know what you don’t want!

  • You don’t want any restrictions on marketing choices or product description
  • You don’t want any regulatory challenges to any of your marketing claims
  • You don’t want your competitors getting an advantage because they know a loophole if you don’t

FoodLegal’s half-day morning symposium on Thursday 12 April 2016 addresses the now and the future of food and food ingredients.

Expert speakers include FoodLegal’s Charles Fisher talking on novel ingredients and special purpose foods, and FSANZ’s Senior Food Scientist Jonathon Kite, discussing the latest on FSANZ Proposal P1024 on nutritive substances and novel foods.

Other speakers include four of Australia’s leading nutritional and medical scientists talking about things that will not only surprise you but will cause a rethink in functional food marketing. This is vital information.

The normal registration would be $345 (inc GST) but FoodLegal is offering a special price of $345 (inc GST) for your first registered attendee of your company or organisation, but only $245 (inc GST) for each second or additional registered attendee from the same company or organisation.