Understand Country of Origin Labelling changes with FoodLegal Online training

Posted by AFN Advertorial on 13th February 2017

Australia’s new Country of Origin Labelling laws have changed.

 An amendment in November 2016 to the scheme means there are different requirements for overseas food that is packed in Australia.

FoodLegal Online’s Country of Origin training series, consisting of 8 video modules, incorporates these changes to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date way for you to understand the labelling requirements and obligations under the new laws.

The training videos explain concepts such as “substantial transformation”, “priority foods”, “varying Australian content”, the new definition of “Made in Australia”, and more.

Watch the free first video by clicking here!

 FoodLegal is running its marketing compliance workshop in Melbourne and Sydney

 “Sign-off and take-off” on your marketing by learning how to make a distinctive statement while minimising regulatory risk.

 The workshops will also feature aspects of the new Country of Origin Labelling laws that you need to watch.

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It is also invaluable as a knowledge base for training company personnel (such as in QA, R&D, NPD, Legal, Risk Management, or product category sessions, and product marketers).

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