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McDonald’s Australia invests in $500m expansion
McDonald’s Australia has commenced their planned three year national expansion, with 45 new restaurants approved nationwide, and refurbishment plans for many current locations.
European supermarket giant asks organic consumers to pitch in
Australian supermarkets are watching French retail giant Carrefour’s online campaign to raise money from “socially responsible” consumers, asking them to put their money where their mouth is.
Coles pushes supply chain modernisation with new DC’s
On 24 January 2019, Coles Group Ltd announced that it has executed definitive contracts with Witron Australia Pty Ltd to develop two new automated distribution centres in Brisbane and Western Sydney. The move follows Woolworths $562 million investment into their new technologically advanced distribution centre in Melbourne.
Australian native bees may offer an alternative pollination service
There has been a lot of concern globally regarding the health of the world honey bee population. Recent studies conducted by entomologist Dr. Tanya Latty indicate that Australian native bees may be as effective, and indeed in some cases superior to, the honey bee which was ...
Australian Food and Grocery Council responds to consumer outrage over decreasing product sizes
In a statement responding to the Herald Sun on the 17 January 2019, Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) Chief Executive Tanya Barden has defended Australian packaged food manufactures, who faced criticism for its recent practice of product size reduction.
Arnott’s Divestiture, Sale information revealed by Campbell’s
It is 21 years since The Campbell Soup Company (also known as Campbell's) acquired the Australian biscuit and snack food brand giant Arnott’s. With Campbell’s late 2018 announcement that Campbell’s international arm would be pursuing divestitures, Arnott’s is once again on the selling block.
Wattle Health launches new organic baby formula with farmers
The ASX listed Wattle Health Australia has announced that their new organic baby formula range will be ready for distribution by April 2019, 12 months ahead of schedule. The new brand, ‘Uganic’ is formulated with 100% organic milk sourced through a partnership with Organic Dairy Farmers of Australia.
Supermarkets increase dominance in fresh food
Australia’s total fresh food market, comprising meat, bread, deli, fruit + veg and seafood, now has an annual retail value of $ 38.8 billion. Supermarkets currently hold 71.4% of this market, up from 69.0% 12 months ago and representing a continuation of a long term trend.
Nestlé speeds up efforts towards full supply chain transparency
On February 1st 2019 Nestlé announced that it would disclose the list of its suppliers alongside a variety of data of its 15 priority commodities, the first disclosure of its kind in the industry. This will accelerate the company's journey to reach full supply chain transparency.