Yellowglen’s appeal sparkles in re-launch campaign
February 13, 2013

Australian sparkling wine brand Yellowglen has repositioned itself in a new campaign as “Australia’s Premier House of Sparkling.” With a new website, video marketing and an extravagant competition, Yellowglen’s re-launch aims to market it as Australia’s “premier” sparkling wine. The new campaign gives Australian customers the chance to win a gem from the virtual “House of Sparkling” chandelier on the website. Gems include diamonds, sapphires and rubies and are valued at over $8,500... ...Read more »

SodaStream ad banned for attack on Coke and Pepsi
February 11, 2013

US-based soft drink company SodaStream has challenged rival companies PepsiCo and Coca-Cola in its latest campaign, which features an advertisement banned from being aired at the Super Bowl. The SodaStream ad features Coke and Pepsi deliveries of soft drink bursting into pieces, while a customer makes a soda with a SodaStream machine from his own home. PepsiCo and Coca-Cola were both major sponsors of the Super Bowl, and US TV network CBS chose not to run the advertisement. Another SodaStream ad... ...Read more »

Europe’s probiotic industry in ‘smooth’ decline, NutraIngredients report shock
January 30, 2013

Following years of success in the European Union, Europe’s probiotic foods and supplements industry is expected to experience a €130 million decline over the next five years. The pronouncement comes from Euromonitor’s Health and Wellness Editor Ewa Hudson ahead of the presentation she will be delivering at next week’s Probiotech & Microbiota 2013 conference in Brussels. Ms Hudson spoke exclusively with NutraIngredients to inform them that Europe’s probiotic industry decline was likely... ...Read more »

CHOICE’s Country of Origin push, so what’s new?
January 30, 2013

Following the gazettal of new Country of Origin labelling requirements for unpackaged meat this month and the October 2012 launch of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) guide to interpreting country-of-origin claims, consumer group CHOICE has proposed further reforms “to simplify origin claims”. Angela McDougall, CHOICE’s food policy advisor, claims that the current origin labelling provisions are still “confusing with a proliferation of vague and muddy claims”. Under... ...Read more »

Top five most misleading words in US food advertising revealed
January 29, 2013

Popular food claims such as “natural,” “made with,” and “whole grains” have made the US-based EnviroMedia’s Leanwashing Index’s annual list of food marketing words that mislead consumers. Launched by Enviromedia in 2012, the Leanwashing Index  allows consumers to post and rate the validity of health claims made in advertising, marketing and packaging processed foods on a scale of “authentic” to “bogus.” EnviroMedia launched the Leanwashing Index with input from a panel of... ...Read more »

Kraft creates a “health conscious” peanut butter variant
January 29, 2013

Kraft Foods Australia has launched a new specially formulated peanut butter with No Added Sugar or Salt, in a new campaign that declares today “National Peanut Butter Day.” Created with health conscious consumers in mind, Kraft Foods No Added Sugar or Salt Peanut Butter is made up of 91 per cent lightly roasted peanuts. It contains high quality hi oleic peanuts, which Kraft Foods claim have a fatty acid combination similar to olive oil, with more of the “good fats, essential to a balanced diet.” Kraft... ...Read more »

Woolworths to be ‘certified’ for seafood sustainability, and zoo offers support
January 29, 2013

Australia’s Woolworths supermarket chain has announced its commitment to have all the wild-caught fish it sells certified by the Marine Stewardship Council by 2015. Sydney’s famous Taronga Park Zoo has teamed up with Woolworths to launch a new program which aims to improve marine conservation in Australia. A spokesperson for Woolworths said that 100 per cent of Select canned tuna, which is 1.2million kg of tuna, will be ‘pole and line’ caught by the end of 2013, substantially reducing the... ...Read more »

Subway says sorry for its “short measuring” sandwiches
January 29, 2013

Subway has apologised for the lack of consistency in sandwich length, following a social media storm last week over Subway Footlong sandwiches that “failed to measure up.” On Friday last week, Subway apologised for “any instance where [they] did not fully deliver on our promise to our customers.” Subway said in the statement that it would reinforce correct bread baking procedures to “ensure consistency and correct length.” The apology comes just days after Subway customers... ...Read more »

Short-measuring response fails to meet customer expectations
January 21, 2013

Following Facebook backlash over Subway ‘Footlong’ subs failing to meet the advertised size, Subway Australia has issued a statement that the ‘Footlong’ is simply “a descriptive name.” The Subway Australia statement was released on Friday after customers followed the lead of Perth customer Matt Corby by posting pictures of their Subway “Footlong” sub with a measuring tape, demonstrating that his sandwich was actually only 11 inches. However, Subway Australia’s claim of the use of... ...Read more »

US Kosher trend reflected in Australian Kosher market growth
January 17, 2013

In the past few years, one of the most popular claims for many new products manufactured in the US has been that they are Kosher certified.   As Australia develops as a reliable and safe food supplier to the world, Kosher is almost considered mandatory for export to the US. A recent study by leading consumer research company, Mintel, shows that a majority of consumers  who buy Kosher foods in America perceive Kosher packaged products as being safer, which may be due to the rigorous auditing methods... ...Read more »

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