Goulburn Valley launches new “fresh” snacks range for kids
February 20, 2013

SPC Ardmona-owned Goulburn Valley has launched a new range of pre-sliced apple snacks to be promoted by Bindi, Terri and Robert Irwin. As part of the recent SPC Ardmona manufacturing facility upgrade in the Goulburn Valley, new preparation methods exclusively available to SPC Ardmona have allowed product developments. The new technology allows for ultra-modern slicing of the fruit and ability to preserve the fruits’ freshness. The process is said to ensure minimal loss to the aroma, juiciness,... ...Read more »

SPC drags down Coca-Cola Amatil result
February 19, 2013

Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) has today released its half yearly results up until December 31, 2012, reporting a 22 per cent annual drop in profit. Largely attributed to its struggling SPC Ardmona business, CCA reported $98.5 million in writedowns in what Managing Director Terry Davis said was a “disappointing performance.” CCA’s net profit of $459.9 million was also down from $591.8 million at the same time last year. The difficulties of its SPC Ardmona business continued on from its previous report... ...Read more »

SPC Ardmona cut-back hits Aussie farmers
October 30, 2012

SPC Ardmona has upset Australian peach growers with its decision to cut the amount of fruit purchased this year. SPC has said that SPC will cut its peach quota by 17 per cent due to a “significant fall” in consumer demand. Peach growers have reported that they were only informed of the cut after they began preparing for the season, with some individual businesses expected to lose tens of thousands of dollars. In spite of this, SPC Ardmona has said the company genuinely believed that the cut was... ...Read more »

Victorian Government hands out $3.9 million “sustainability grant” to one company
June 21, 2012

SPC Ardmona, which runs one of  Australia’s few remaining   fruit-processing plants and cannery, has received a significant boost from two Victorian Government grants. Victoria’s Deputy Premier Peter Ryan and Minister for Manufacturing, Exports and Trade, Richard Dalla-Riva recently announced the approval to SPC Ardmona of grants of $3.9 million from the Victorian Government’s “Sustainable Process Development Project” as well as $500,000 for “New Product Development... ...Read more »

Foodbank Awards announced: 4 Australian companies win accolades in combating hunger
November 3, 2011

Australia’s hunger relief organisation, Foodbank Australia, has awarded four companies for their contribution towards tackling the pressing problem of hunger in Australia. The Australian Dairy Industry, SPC Ardmona, Patties Foods and Lotterywest received Foodbank Awards at the Australian Food and Grocery Council’s (AFGC) Annual Industry Leaders’ Gala Dinner, held in Canberra on Wednesday 2 November 2011. This year, Foodbank’s ‘Leadership Award’ was presented to the Australian Dairy Industry... ...Read more »

Concerns expressed for SPC Ardmona brand
August 3, 2011

Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) may be preparing to bury the SPC Ardmona brand, reports the Weekly Times Now today. CCA’s board is due to meet on August 8 2011 to discuss the future of the brand. CCA’s managing director, Terry Davis, was quoted in the Weekly Times Now as saying that the review will determine the “right size of the food business”. The review might result in large job cuts at the SPC Ardmona plant in Mooroopna, which produces canned tomatoes, bulk-packed tomato pastes and crushed tomato... ...Read more »

SPC: new fruit snack range for kids
July 8, 2011

SPC Ardmona has announced the release of three new fruit snacks aimed at kids of all ages into supermarkets across Australia. The Coca-Cola Amatil subsidiary said the three snacks, SPC Fruit Squeezies, SPC Fruit Crush-Ups and SPC Power Pulp, are designed specifically to make fruit fun for kids of all ages, from preschoolers to teens. “According to the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating, kids aged four to 18 should eat between one and five serves of fruit each day. However the latest National... ...Read more »

SPC Baked Beans launches 1kg fridge pack
June 1, 2011

SPC has announced a new innovative packaging design for its baked beans – a resealable 1kg fridge pack, which allows bulk purchasers to consume their baked beans at their own preferred rate. SPC-Ardmona, owned by Coca-Cola Amatil since 2005, said the new pack has been designed to reduce wastage. “Those who only want a mouthful of baked beans can have their mouthful, screw the lid back on and put the pack back in fridge,” said a release from the company. “Alternatively, mums... ...Read more »

SPC Ardmona slashes canning quotas
June 16, 2010

SPC Ardmona have advised their suppliers that the company will not be able to accept all the peaches and pears produced in the coming season. A letter from SPC Ardmona, owned by soft drink giant Coca-Cola Amatil, said that the quota for canning pears would be reduced by as much as 25%. “In the current economic climate, the company anticipates difficulties in recovering lost export markets for pear products, and we expect there will be a reduction in the canning pear requirement,” said... ...Read more »

Heinz to takeover Ocean Spray distribution from CCA
November 19, 2009

Ocean Spray has announced that, from March 2010, manufacturing giant Heinz will manufacture and distribute the Ocean Spray range of beverages and sauces in Australia. Heinz will takeover from Coca-Cola Amatil who, via their subsidiary SPC Ardmona, began a three-year production deal with Ocean Spray in 2007. The partnership will boost Heinz Australia’s share of the grocery ambient fruit juice/juice drink category to around 28% in the wake of last year’s Golden Circle purchase and offers... ...Read more »

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