Subway cuts Anzac biscuits after request to alter recipe

Posted by Editorial on 22nd September 2008

Subway, one of the world’s leading fast-food franchises, has dropped Anzac biscuits from their menu following a request to change the recipe by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs earlier this year.

Federal legislation dictates that Anzac biscuits and cakes can only be sold in Australia if the product “generally conforms to the traditional recipe and shape, is not advertised in any way that would play on Australia’s military heritage, and is not used in association with the word ‘cookies’, with its non-Australian overtones”. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs advised Subway earlier this year that the product would not be allowed to be sold if the company did not alter their current recipe to ensure it complied with Federal legislation.

The Advertiser reported that Subway’s American-based dough supplier was unable to find a way to produce the biscuit at a cost low enough to make it viable for the chain, and it was consequently cut from the menu.

“For us to make sure our recipe is correct, it would be about six months’ work for us . . . we made a pragmatic decision to delete it,” Australia and New Zealand Regional Manager for Subway, Brian Tap, told The Advertiser.