Nippy’s downplays interest in Berri’s Riverland plant

Posted by Daniel Palmer on 7th December 2009

Australian juice manufacturer Nippy’s has downplayed their interest in a Riverland juice processing plant after rumours of a possible purchase surfaced over the weekend.

The site, owned by National Foods subsidiary Berri, is due to close by the end of the financial year after a review by the company found it would not be viable in the long-term.

Jeff Knispel, Managing Director of Nippy’s, said that he was likely to tour the site this week but cautioned workers against getting their hopes up.

“It’s crazy to say any more than there’s an interest at this stage. That’s not a stretch,” he said, according to the ABC. “There’s certainly an interest, but to say or to imply what the Sunday Mail has implied … that is a fair stretch and more seriously the aspect of getting people’s hopes up that may never be realised.”