Muesli4Me ‘mix your own muesli’

Posted by Josette Dunn on 26th July 2010

Muesli4Me is a new company in Australia to offer a ‘mix your own’ muesli online sales service. Customers can pick and choose from a variety of over 80 ingredients and have them delivered to their home or office. Ingredients vary from standard rolled oats to unique candied ginger and zany yoghurt coated goji berries.


Muesli4Me was launched in June 2010 by Sydney based entrepreneur Claudia Zwar and chef Ben Rak. Sick and tired of searching for their perfect muesli, Ben and Claudia decided to launch Muesli4Me, which offers their customers the opportunity to have a tailor made breakfast delivered to their door.

How does it work? The customer simply goes to the website , picks a muesli base, chooses fruits, nuts and extras, and Muesli4Me delivers it. Muesli ordered online from Muesli4me caters to special dietary needs as well as offering a healthy breakfast tailored to the customer’s individual needs and wants.

For those who can’t decide what they want, Muesli4Me have also created a choice of twelve muesli and granola pre-mixes or the option to choose from other users’ top rated mixes.

When it comes to the ingredients, all of Muesli4Me products are being sourced from selected Australian suppliers only.