$20k boost to develop Australia’s camel meat industry

Posted by Josette Dunn on 6th September 2010

Following a successful industry and landholder forum held in Alice Springs on 11-12 August 2010, Ninti One Ltd is providing $20,000 to the Australian Camel Industry Association for the development of a strategic plan to establish a strong and viable industry, providing employment for regional communities, Aboriginal people and other landholders.

Mark Ashley, Ninti One’s General Manager of Operations, announced the funding today and said, “This forum was a very successful step in bringing about closer collaboration between potential camel industry participants and important in identifying the challenges and opportunities ahead.

“While the main focus of the Australian Feral Camel Management Project is on environmental management, not industry development, Ninti One Ltd was happy to host this forum and provide $20,000 from a separate budget allocation to the Australian Camel industry Association to support the critical phase of mapping a way forward with the development of a strategic plan.

“With around 1.2 million feral camels and an annual damage bill of over $10 million, we support short-term industry development based on feral camels where commercial use approaches are viable, reduce feral camel impacts and provide much-needed employment and economic activity in arid Australia.

“Given that feral camels are located in very remote parts of the country with long distances and poor transport access to domestic markets, let alone international markets, and there is a lack of appropriately located and accredited processing facilities, a long term sustainable camel industry will need to be based on farmed camels, a situation the industry has well recognised,” Mr Ashley said.

Chair of the Australian Camel Industry Association, Lauren Brisbane, welcomed the funding from Ninti One Ltd.

“This support will assist in the development of an industry-wide strategic plan and, given the positive spirit and cooperation at the forum, we are keen to build on the considerable industry development work already underway.

“The forum was very valuable in providing an improved understanding of the current and potential commercial industry and the challenges of establishing a commercial supply chain from the source to market.

“We are confident that with expertise and experience from industry representatives who have already been highly successful in their own businesses and support from Aboriginal and other landholders, we will be able to develop a thriving camel industry,” Ms Brisbane said.