Four’N Twenty: Hungry Man Cheese & Bacon Sausage Roll

Posted by Nicole Eckersley on 2nd March 2011

Patties Four’N Twenty Hungry Man Cheese & Bacon Sausage RollPatties Foods has announced a new addition to its Four’N Twenty Hungry Man range, the Cheese & Bacon Sausage Roll.

The product features Four’N Twenty’s traditional recipe with a blend of bacon, herbs and spices, encased in pastry, and layered with cheddar cheese.

The 280g ‘massive-sized’ sausage roll is more than double the size of the Four’N Twenty King Size, and will be marketed to men with a view to capturing the bigger-is-better appeal.

“The Hungry Man concept is a hit with active blokes who need a big meal, and we’re delighted to extend the product range,” said Four’N Twenty Brand Manager Mark Malak. “Guys with big appetites love our Hungry Man range of pies and sausage rolls, because they really do the job of satisfying hunger.”

“We’re giving them greater choice – from the ever-popular Hungry Man Meat Pie, to the Sausage Roll, and now the new Cheese & Bacon Sausage Roll offer,” said Malak.

“After straight beef, Cheese & Bacon is the most popular flavour profile so it was a natural extension for us to introduce this into the Hungry Man range.

Four’N Twenty Hungry Man Sausage Rolls will be available from most convenience outlets, at a recommended retail price of $3.95 each.