Consumers warned off ‘Sexpresso’ and ‘Rock Hard’ coffee

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 25th July 2011

Australian consumers have been warned not to drink caffeine-based drinks that have been found to contain substrances like those used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) have identified the substances in the ‘Sexpresso’ and ‘Rock Hard’ coffee products. The products are sold as instant coffee and are available on the internet and in adult shops.

The products contain substances that are ‘analogues’ of drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction, meaning that the substances have a similar chemical make-up, but elements have been changed. These substances are not listed on product labels.

“These analogues, like any drugs can interact with prescription medicines and may be dangerous, particularly for people with certain health conditions,” said FSANZ.

The products are currently under investigation by State and Territory food law enforcement agencies, including the New South Wales Food Authority as well as municipal council and State health departments around Australia.

By law, all food additives must comply with compositional and labelling requirements set out in the Australia and New Zealand Food Standards Code. By contrast, all medications, therapeutic products and complementary medicines are governed by the Therapeutic Goods Act, a distinct Federal regulatory regime.

The potential side-effects of consuming the coffee products are not known.

“There have been several instances in the past six months in which food products have been recalled because they contained prescription medicines,” said FSANZ.