Iced coffee market’s global growth

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 14th November 2011

Whilst growth in the iced coffee market continues to be dominated by Asia, levels of interest elsewhere in the world appear to be growing according to figures released today by international research body, Innova Database.

According to Innova, the demand for iced coffee drinks appears to be growing, not only geographically, but also beyond its original home in the foodservice sector of many countries, particularly the USA.

Innova Database’s research found that Asia accounted for nearly three-quarters of total iced coffee product launches during the year ending September 2011, while Europe accounted for 16 per cent of product launches and the USA closer to 5 per cent.

The research also found that Japan currently has the biggest iced coffee market in terms of sales, followed by the USA.

According to Lu Ann Williams, Head of Research at Innova Market Insights, interesting innovations in the global iced coffee sector in 2011 included the launches of:

  • Café Pret a Boire from Lutin Malin, in France, claimed to be the first ready-to-drink coffee that can be drunk hot, cold or iced;
  • Unilever’s Café Zero range in Spain, made up of a frozen blend of coffee and ice cream;
  • Health is Wealth Nutriccino vitamin-and mineral-fortified bottled coffee drinks in the USA.

Ms Williams said, “With the growth of the market and the need to compete with alternative beverages, more traditional coffee variants in the ready-to-drink sector have been joined by a range of increasingly sophisticated flavour choices, as well as light options.

“At the same time, further value has been added with the use of organic and/or Fairtrade coffees, as well as coffees of specified type and origin, and the introduction of more user-friendly and convenient packaging formats, including cartons, bottles and lidded cups.”