Tesco Lotus opens first ‘zero-carbon’ store in Asia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 5th December 2011

Tesco Lotus has opened Asia’s the first of its “zero-carbon” supermarket Asia, as part of its commitment to be a zero carbon business by 2050.

Tesco Lotus is a major supermarket chain in Thailand, Cambodia and China. In Thailand, the stores are operated by the Ek-Chai Distribution System Co.

According to Tesco Lotus, the new store in Bang Pra, Thailand, will put back into the Thai National Grid as much energy as it uses over the course of a year. Renewable fuel is converted into energy on-site, and any surplus then goes back to the National Grid.

The new store features environmentally-friendly technologies including a wind turbine, lower wattage LED lighting, photovoltaic cells, hydro-carbon powered fridges and rammed earth walls which are less carbon intensive to manufacture than concrete or steel.  Rainwater is used in the store’s car wash and to flush the store’s toilets, while the store design maximises natural light on the shop floor.

Tesco Group’s Climate Change Director, Helen Fleming said, “Our climate change programme is central to the way we do business – not only are our actions good for the environment, they also make good business sense. Our energy efficient measures reduce costs in the business by about £200m (AU$305) each year.”

Tesco opened its first ‘zero-carbon’ store in February 2010, in Ramsey, in the UK.