Diet Coke launches “cheeky” new campaign

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 7th December 2011

Coca-Cola South Pacific today revealed its new ‘One Calorie Burnt in a Moment’ campaign for diet Coca-Cola. The potentially controversial new campaign targets young females as the brand works to “connect with a new generation of women”.

The campaign will showcase a series of “cheeky moments” in which one calorie can “easily be burnt”, and emphasise the link to Diet Coke having less than one-calorie in every 200mL.

Pamela Wyatt, Marketing Manager for Diet Coke said the campaign communicates the fun side of the brand. She said, “It highlights that there is nothing cheeky for you in diet Coke, meaning you can be cheeky elsewhere.

“This is communicated through out-of-home placements including changing room and bathroom signage highlighting that women can burn one calorie ‘by wriggling into new jeans’ or ‘running for the loo…in heels’,” according to Ms Wyatt.

The Diet Coke campaign is intended to strike a chord with a younger female audience through a strategic media plan involving key placements in magazines, digital, outdoor and tactical advertising.

A previous campaign of Coca-Cola did attract some controversy. In 2009, the ‘myth-busting’ campaign aroused the ire of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and featured a good-looking Aussie female actor.