Final phase of Coca Cola ‘names’ promotion

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 17th January 2012

Coca-Cola has announced the final 50 names that feature on bottles of Coke across Australia for January 2012.

Back in November 2011, the multinational beverage manufacturer announced that it would be extending its Australian ‘Share A Coke’ promotion.

The promotion began in October 2011, when Coca-Cola South Pacific introduced 150 names to bottles and cans of Coke. The company allowed people a chance to vote for the final fifty names to be featured on Coke bottles in 2012 through its Facebook page.

New additions to the final phase of the promotion include the names Tahnee, Wolfgang, Summer, Mia, Maddy, and Isaac.

Coca-Cola South Pacific’s Marketing Director, Lucie Austin said, “The response from consumers and their interactions with the campaign has far exceeded our expectations.”