Castlemaine launches smallgoods product claiming “no artificial preservatives or additives”

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 2nd February 2012

KR Castlemaine has  launched a campaign for a pre-packaged ham product with the claim to be “natural”, using new technologies to become the “first Australian pre-packaged ham that is artificially preservative-free”.

This new range of ham is said to be produced using cutting-edge High Pressure Pasteurisation (HPP) technology. The company claims that it “does not use heat”, thereby preserving texture and nutritional value for the product.

HR Castlemaine also says  the new technology  “uses natural vegetable extracts and refrigeration to ensure freshness without the use of artificial flavors”.

Australian Dietician, Melanie McGrice, stated that “the range is unique in that offers the practicality of pre-packaged ham without compromising nutritional value or taste.”