Kellogg’s launches Fibre Toppers in Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 20th February 2012

Kellogg’s have released a new product for Australian shelves, All-Bran Fibre Toppers, to be marketed as a convenient way to improve digestive health. Made with natural wheat bran, oat fibre and psyllium husks, the small buds can be spread onto any food item.

The marketing claims include the product being high in fibre, low in fat, and rich in vitamins and minerals B1 and B2, niacin, folate, iron, magnesium and zinc. The product promotes digestive health through consumption of fibre. Half a cup of All-Bran Fibre Toppers are said to provide the average adult with 1/3 of their adequate daily fibre intake.

Launching the product, Kellogg’s nutrition communications manager, Mr. Steve Reid, sayid that proper daily fibre intake is considered essential for healthy digestion and a balanced diet.

“Some Australians are not achieving the adequate daily intake for dietary fibre and are confused about how to increase fibre in their diet. By adding All-Bran Fibre Toppers to your favourite breakfast yoghurt, or adding it to your lunchtime salad or afternoon fruit snack, you can help top up your dietary fibre intakes,” he said.

Senior Marketing Manager for Adult Cereals, Sanjay Panchal, said that the product would be important for the promotion of Australian health.

“The launch of All-Bran Fibre Toppers is a very important first step for Kellogg in giving Australians the opportunity to add additional fibre to their meals because a diet with adequate fibre helps promote digestive health. Having a versatile, tasty cereal product that can be enjoyed beyond breakfast foods, like on top of a fresh leafy salad, is something entirely new,” he says.

An anticipated $1.8 million will be spent on initial television, print and online campaigns.

For other developments in Australia about food fibre and digestive health, see the article “CSIRO experts recommend new preventative steps for Australian digestive health”, published by Australian Food News on February 1, 2012.