Hungry Jack’s uses in-store wifi to deliver targeted adverts to customers

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 12th April 2012

Australian fast food chain, Hungry Jack’s, is targeting customers that use its in-store wifi by collecting data and customer feedback in real-time to create customized marketing content.

Customers using the wifi service receive messages, advertising or multimedia content via images, YouTube videos, text (Web / SMS), Flash and raw HTML.

Hungry Jack’s Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager, Joe O’Keefe, said the new marketing technique is “revolutionising” the way Hungry Jack’s interacts with its customers.

Mr O’Keefe said, “Consumers are becoming more media savvy and advertising to them can be challenging, so it’s important that our team is able to focus on the old marketing principals of right time, right place and right message.

“If we have a special offer, such as our recent AU$2 Whopper offer, we can update our AmigoPod advertising message (on the login page) to link to a voucher or similar that customers can use in-store. That’s a really powerful tool for our business.”