Coles’ new campaign features British links

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 11th July 2012

British rock band Status Quo are the performers of a new ad for supermarket giant Coles.

The catchy ‘Down, down, prices are down’ jingle, created last year for Coles advertising, appears to have been inspired by Status Quo’s 1975 hit ‘Down, down’ from the album ‘On the Level’.

The Status Quo lyrics, ‘Get down, down, deeper and down’ was altered to ‘Down, down, prices are down’ for the Coles jingle. Status Quo perform the Coles jingle in a television ad that has recently been aired on Youtube.

During the performance, the band play guitars that are the shape as the large, red foam hands shown in the original Coles advertising campaign that featured the jingle.

This is the second time that Big Red Agency has recruited a prominent British performer for a Coles advertisement. Earlier this year, English comedian and actor Dawn French promoted Coles’ ‘my5’ Flybuys campaign.

The new Coles campaign comes at a time when its rival supermarket Woolworths is plugging its ‘Aussieness’, having recently changed its slogan to ‘Australia’s Fresh Food People.’

Many of the key personnel in the Coles management line-up are either ex-ASDA or ex-Sainsburys. As one wag put it, “It seems as if you can take the boy out of London but you can’t take London out of the boy.” If the Coles campaign does not generate any red faces, the question is whether it gives Woolworths a red dot special?