Australian food exports surge to historic record

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 16th July 2012

Australia’s total goods and services exports soared 10.2% in 2011 to AU$313.3 billion – the first time exports have reached over AU$300 billion during any 12 month period, according to ‘Composition of Trade, Australia 2011‘ statistics, released by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade recently.

The report shows that wheat, beef, other meats, and alcohol were in the top 25 export categories. Wheat, at number  8, had rose by 16.9%  during the five-year trend. Beef, at number 11, had lost 1.1% of its growth during this same five-year period. Meats export, at number 22, rose by 2.8% in the five-year period. Exports of Alcoholic beverages, however, had declined 7.5%  in the same five years.

China was Australia’s largest two-way trade partner (AU$121.1 billion), followed by Japan (AU$72.5 billion) and the United States (AU$54.2 billion). However, the largest percentage of edible products was exported to New Zealand, followed by China, Japan, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. The largest percentage of alcoholic beverages was exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Canada, and New Zealand.

In 2011, after the major categories of wheat, beef, other meats, and alcohol, barley was the next most valuable food export from Australia, earning AU $1,378 million. Milk, cream, whey and yoghurt, was valued at AU$1,210.4 million, while vegetable exports earned  AU$958.5 million, and cheese and curds  AU$754.2 million.