Australian fresh food ‘online shopping centre’ launched

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 4th October 2012

Australian’s this week saw the launch of a new online market place called the SOC exchange Food and Wine Marketplace. This ‘online shopping centre’, launched by experienced fresh food supplier Franco Lagudi, allows time-poor retailers the opportunity to establish an online presence.

Mr Lagudi said that the SOC exchange will allow small retailers such as bakeries, fruit shops, butchers, delis, cafes and independent grocers the opportunity to establish an online presence who often do not have the budgets or marketing resources to do so.

“The size of a retailer’s business will no longer affect his or her ability to connect with customers online,” Mr Lagudi said.

According to Lagudi, setting up an online store takes only 15 minutes but will allow for profit growth for members of the market community. Retailers can establish an online shop, list specials and connect with their consumers through email and blog all through the SOC exchange for around $10 a month.

SOC exchange has already predicted a 500 % growth in the next six months following the implementation of a sales and marketing strategy.

Mr Lagudi said he was inspired to create the SOC exchange Food and Wine Marketplace by his long-running experience in the fresh food industry. He currently supplies fresh produce to hundreds of retail grocers, as well as co-owning two fresh-food retail stores in Sydney and Coffs Harbour.