John West introduces ‘heroine’ to iconic ad campaign

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 8th October 2012

Simplot brand John West tuna and the well-known, comedic ‘man vs. bear’ ad campaign have added a female to the mix, with a new ‘heroine’ appearing in the latest campaign. The ‘heroine’ joins the fisherman from the previous advertisement to help him beat the bear to the best fish.  The female addition to the new advertisement is in a strategic move by Simplot to ‘make the brand more relevant’ and to ‘complete the story.’

“By casting the John West fisherman and our heroine together in an impactful action comedy, we were able to answer the all important question: what happened after the fisherman stole the fish from the bear?” Lead Creative Director, Ant Shannon said.

After releasing a teaser that went viral, John West released the full 90 second clip on their Facebook page last week. Like many other successful brand campaigns, John West’s use of viral media has proven effective in the past.