Gippsland Dairy unveils ‘Twist’ yoghurt snack

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 22nd October 2012

Gippsland Dairy has introduced smaller single serve tubs of its popular Twist yogurt range.

The 160g tubs feature a spoon in the lid for the convenience of snacking on the run. Until now, Twist yoghurts had only been available in 300g and 720g tubs.

Peter Meek, Managing Director of Bead Foods, makers of Gippsland Dairy, said the food manufacturer wanted to give consumers “another option by introducing a smaller portion size that can be eaten anywhere, at any time”.

“The new single serve tubs are designed to be enjoyed in one sitting and ideal for anyone looking for an indulgent treat at home or when out and about. The spoon-in-lid will allow people to enjoy our yogurt during the day at work and is also great for lunchboxes”, Mr Meek said.

Gippsland Dairy said its yoghurt contained no stabilisers, thickeners or gelatine. The single serve range will be available in five flavours including blueberry, passionfruit, mango blood orange, blackberry pomegranate, and smooth & creamy.

It is made in Australia using Australian milk, and local and imported (seasonal) fruit.

The Blueberry Twist was awarded the Champion for Flavoured Yogurt at the Australia Dairy’s 2012 Australian Grand Dairy Awards.

Gippsland Dairy expansion continues

Based near the heart of Victorian dairy country, Gippsland Dairy has become one of Australia’s fastest growing dairy brands, increasing sales by 700 per cent.

Blueberry Twist is the #1 premium line in its segment, consistently ranking top of the yogurt category as its popularity continues to swirl. Most recently, Gippsland Dairy Pure Double Cream was crowned Australian Grand Champion dairy product at the 2012 Australian Grand Dairy Awards.

In 2011, Gippsland Dairy joined forces with the makers of Chobani, America’s #1 yogurt brand when the latter bought Bead Foods.