Woolworths launch new Australian-style Christmas campaign

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 8th November 2012

Supermarket giant Woolworths has launched its new Christmas advertising campaign, featuring the “The Ham King” and “The Prawn Whisperer.”

The “Where every Christmas begins” campaign focuses on an Australian-style summer Christmas and the promotion of cold meats such as ham and prawns.

“The Prawn Whisperer” advertisement follows last week’s launch of “The Ham King” ad, which features a father handing down the tradition of the Christmas ham preparation to the son.

Similarly, “The Prawn Whisperer” celebrates various prawn recipes that play on well-known musical icon’s in Australian culture such as Bruce Springsteen’s “Prawn” In the USA and Lady Gaga’s “Prawn” This Way.

The now renowned Masterchef “croquembouche” dessert, also featured in the Woolworths ad, is made from prawns.

The new style of Woolworths Christmas advertising campaign is under a new agency, Droga5.

Woolworths continues to compete with rival Coles who reworked Petula Clarke’s “Down Town” 1960s hit to form the catchy “Down, Down” jingle.

The new Woolworths campaign is consistent with the earlier reported marketing strategy of a combined emphasis on “fresh” and “local.”

Woolworths "The Prawn Whisperer" campaign