PepsiCo introduce “fat-blocking” fibre-infused soda in Japan

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 13th November 2012

PepsiCo has this week launched its new Pepsi Special drink in Japan, containing dextrin, a fibre that distributor Suntory claims “reduces fat levels.”

The soluble fibre absorbs water and promotes food movement through the bowel. In-turn PepsiCo can market the new Pepsi Special as a “fat-blocking soda.” Aimed at health-conscious men and women, Pepsi Special will add to Japan’s $48 Billion annual soft-drink market.

Although this is PepsiCo’s first venture into the “health claim” soft drink market, releasing unique soft drink flavours to the Japanese market is nothing new. PepsiCo has previously released strawberry and milk, salty watermelon flavoured beverages, as well as the recent Pepsi Cucumber.

PepsiCo’s move into dextrin soft-drinks follows the release by Japanese beverage company Kirin of its Kirin Mets Cola earlier this year. Kirin Mets Cola also contains dextrin and has been marketed as a “fat-blocking beverage.”

Pepsi Special, released in Japan this week