Freedom Foods creates new “free from” breakfasts, not just for children with allergies!

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 15th November 2012

Gluten-free, gluten intolerance, Coeliac Disease and gluten sensitivity have been in the news of late, with many people turning to gluten-free products as a “healthier way of living”. Most processed foods contain gluten and other potential allergens as part of every meal.

Gluten free products were once limited to sufferers of Coeliac Disease. Yet, there are adults and children who say ‘unofficially’ they have experienced discomfort from consuming gluten.

Freedom Foods believe they have now created the ideal product solution for this problem each day at breakfast time. For over 20 years, Freedom Foods have been leading the way in marketing products that are said to be ‘free from’ gluten, nuts, wheat, dairy and artificial colours, flavours and additives. Now, many of the Freedom Foods products which are available on the market are also low in salt, low in sugar and low in fat.

In response to soaring demand for nutritional breakfast options, Freedom Foods has developed another popular new children’s product  – ‘Blushing Banana Berry Crunch’ breakfast cereal. Unlike many breakfast cereals on the market, Freedom Foods Blushing Banana Berry Crunch has no added cane sugar to get children off to the right start.

“With approximately 3 per cent of children under the age of six having a food allergy and so many more not feeling their best, Freedom Foods took the initiative to produce a fantastic range of gluten, nut and allergen free products, starting with breakfast cereals,” according to Amanda Turbill, an Accredited Practising Dietitian, who has more than ten years experience as a clinical dietitian.

“Kids often complain that healthier choices don’t stack up in flavour – our new Blushing Banana Berry Crunch not only is intended to be attractive to the most discerning taste buds asking for more,” says Michael Bracka, Chief Executive Officer of Freedom Foods brands.

The company says this new product is not only free from gluten, nuts and dairy (of course), but also has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. According to Mr Bracka, the new product is also high in fibre, low in salt and fat, has no added cane sugar. Mr Bracka said it contains 40 per cent whole grains and uses real banana and strawberry fruit pieces to ensure it is a “delicious and tasty breakfast option for kids of all ages.”

Freedom Foods’ Blushing Banana Berry Crunch is now available at Coles, Woolworths and other independent grocery retailers across Australia.


A few fast facts about gluten and other intolerances:

• Children fed healthy diets at an early age may have a higher IQ (Science Alert, 9 August 2012)

• Australia is the world’s food allergy capital (SMH, 17 July 2011)

• Children with food allergies increases fivefold in decade (Food Magazine 25 July 2011)

• 1 in 50 children have a peanut allergy, 1 in 50 kids are at risk of a life threatening reaction (Nutsforlife, 2012)

New Freedom Foods Blushing Banana Berry Crunch