Dick Smith Foods re-launched in new “guilt” campaign concerning Australian-made and owned products

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 19th November 2012

Australian nationalistic marketing group Dick Smith Foods has announced it will re-launch its brand in a new campaign with a focus on Australian-made and Australian-owned product benefits.

According to Dick Smith Foods, the ongoing discounting of prices between the large supermarket groups is coming “straight from the pocket of the already struggling Aussie farmers and food processors.”

“Whilst many of the Australian processors are finding it is impossible to sell to the major supermarkets because they say that Australians just want the lowest price, in fact these same companies are now exporting to the growing middle class in China, who don’t want the local product, but want an Australian quality product,” the company’s public face, Dick Smith said.

Mr Smith accused other companies that lack a detailed country of origin label of being  “ashamed” of where the product comes from.  “They simply write ‘made from imported and local ingredients,” he said.

Mr Smith challenged Australians to ask the questions: “What am I eating?  What am I feeding my family?”

“You just don’t know if it’s not Aussie grown and made.  It’s worth spending a few cents more to be safe,” Dick Smith added.

Dick Smith Foods re-launch coincides with the recent release by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission announced of clearer guidelines on Country of Origin labelling.

Dick Smith Foods, which says its products are Australian-made and Australian-owned uses the marketing slogan “as Australian as you can get.” Dick Smith Foods says that people understand that “nothing is 100 per cent Australian’, but ‘as Australian as you can get’ means as much of it as possible is made in Australia and as much of it as possible is owned by Australian individuals or Australian companies –so the profits stay in Australia.”

Dick Smith Foods are proud supporters of Australian-made and owned products.