“Meatless Monday” implemented by Los Angeles city council

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 20th November 2012

After a unanimous 14-0 Los Angeles city council vote last week, the LA city council has declared a war on trans-fats by implementing a “meatless Monday.” The initiative was described by the LA city council as a means to publicise its campaign targeting ongoing weight-related health issues, and to “benefit the environment.”

Although it will not be illegal to consumer meat on Mondays, the LA city council has urged residents to eat vegetarian food on the first day of every week. Despite a lack of enforcement, the adopted initiative could have tangible effects including the reduction in price of vegetarian goods at the start of the week.

LA chef Mario Batali has already vowed that “meatless Monday” will run in all fourteen of his Los Angeles restaurants, with others expected to follow suit.

Originally started in 2003 by the John Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, the non-profit health initiative “meatless Monday” aims to reduce individual meat consumption by 15 per cent.

The proposal was developed by the Food Policy Council LA, which has a goal of “creating more and better food jobs” and encouraging food companies to promote healthy foods.

Aspen in Colorado was the first American city to adopt the “meatless Monday” initiative in 2011. At the time, it was said that Monday “is typically the first day of the working week and a good day to start a healthy routine.”

An advertisement for the American Meatless Monday campaign.