V8 and SodaSteam partnership creates “new flavour sensations for summer”

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 22nd November 2012

Campbell Soup’s V8 Splash and V8 V-fusion juices are being promoted with the SodaStream home beverage carbonation system to create new summer beverage combinations at home.

SodaStream is a global manufacturer and distributor of home beverage carbonation systems, which transform tap water into sparkling water and soda with the addition of over 150 flavour combinations. For example, when V8 Splash or V8 V-Fusion juices are added, the juice becomes carbonated.

The flavours for the V8 Splash products include Tropical Blend, Berry Blend and Fruit Medley, as well as V8 V-Fusion concentrates in Strawberry Banana, Pomegranate Blueberry and Peach Mango varieties, expected to be available mid 2013.

Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of SodaStream in Australia said that he was confident the partnership would strengthen the appeal of SodaStream.

“We are excited to bring together our revolutionary beverage system and a respected company like Campbell’s, which is well-known for its iconic brands,” Mr Birnbaum said.

The SodaStream system includes a soda maker, a CO2 carbonator, a reusable bottle and over 150 flavour options. The consumer fills the bottle with water, adds CO2 to make the bubbles, and then adds syrup concentrate to make the final flavoured beverage.

The SodaStream system can be purchased Australia-wide from various retail outlets.

V8 V-Fusion and Soda Stream have teamed up to make summer beverages.