American nut brand “cracks up” Australian audiences with iconic TV characters

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 5th December 2012

American-based nut brand Paramount Farms has launched its new “Wonderful Pistachio” range in Australia with a series of humorous television advertisements featuring well-known cartoon characters from The Simpsons, The Peanuts Gang, and Angry Birds.

The new Australian campaign features Homer Simpson and Lucy from The Peanuts Gang attempting to crack “Wonderful Pistachio” nuts, which was tested with Australian audiences prior to its launch to see if it had “the right sense of quirkiness.”

Paramount Farms are allegedly the largest producer of pistachios and almonds in the world.

Dominic Engels, vice president of marketing at Paramount Farms said that pistachios are increasing in popularity as they become known as “the skinny nut.”

“As the healthful properties of nuts become more widely recognized pistachios have moved to the forefront for their heart health and nutrient properties,” Mr Engels said.

According to Paramount Farms, pistachio nuts have American Food and Drug Administration qualified health claims of heart-health benefits, are low in fat and calories, are nutrient dense, and contain about ten different antioxidants.

Paramount Farms “Wonderful Pistachio” nuts are now available in Australian supermarkets.

Bart Simpson in one of the advertisements for Wonderful Pistachios.