Egg-lovers ogle new “Gogol Mogol”

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 5th December 2012

Russian recycled packaging designers Evgeny Morgalev have created a carboard egg carton that perfectly boils an egg in two minutes while on-the-go.

The device has been given the name of the Gogol Mogol. It is made from the typical carboard packaging used on conventional egg containers, but has inner chemical layers that trigger the necessary chemical reaction to cook the egg when a tab is pulled on the device.

Inner layers include a layer infused with chemicals including calcium hydroxide, and another “smart layer” which contains water. Two minutes in the Gogol Mogol will produce a runny boiled egg, and three minutes will produce a hard-boiled egg.

The Gogol Mogol recently won from the European Packaging Design Association. Although the Gogol Mogol has proven to work in many trials, it is yet to be purchased by a food company to be made available to the public.

Australian Food News also notes that the  “Gogol Mogol” name is commonly associated with the description of a traditional Eastern European ‘egg-nog’ drink.

The new Gogol Mogol on-the-go packaging for boiling an egg.