The ‘retro’ look is Coke’s what’s new

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 13th December 2012

Coca-Cola South Pacific has released a limited edition ‘retro look’ packaging range for Fanta, Sprite and Lift products, sporting the famous packaging designs from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

In addition, the 1980’s Mello Yellow beverage by Lift will be available to Australian consumers, offering a “new twist” on the classic lemon squash taste.

Flavours Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola South Pacific, Delia Maloney said that she expects the flavours will “bring the family together as mum and dad’s reminisce.”

“This summer, Aussies both young and young at heart can experience a throwback to the age of endless summers, stubbies, big hair and big collars,” Ms Maloney said.

“‘Retro’ is a great business opportunity, as it drives volume and consumer engagement with both young and older audiences. Bringing out retro editions allows consumers to reappraise your brand, which can have a positive impact on sales,” she added.

Through January and February 2013, the ‘retro look’ range will be available in participating grocery, convenience stores and petroleum outlets.

Coca-Cola's retro packaging to appear in stores in early 2013.