Macca’s ‘closes the bun’ on processed ingredient rumours with new smart phone app

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 22nd January 2013

McDonald’s Australia has launched a new ingredient-tracking smart phone app to squash negative rumours about its processing procedures.

The new TrackMyMacca’s app launched last Wednesday, January 16 2013, allows consumers to follow the food chain of any McDonald’s product by scanning a QR-style code system on the packaging.

The free smart phone app allows the consumer to check the origin of individual ingredients in any McDonald’s product, and read the stories of Australian farmers behind the ingredients.

“We know people have a lot of questions about our food and we are happy to be honest about where it comes from,” a McDonald’s spokesperson told Australian Food News.

“People seem to be really impressed with the new app so far and we are really proud to share that 90 per cent of our food is sourced here in Australia,” the McDonald’s spokesperson added.

The new TrackMyMacca’s app will run until June 30 2013, with the possibility of an extension if well-received by the public.

The new TrackMyMaccas smart phone app.