AFGC congratulates Kraft Foods on new “Centre of Excellence” in Melbourne

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 11th February 2013

Stage One of Kraft Foods Asia Pacific Centre of Excellence at Ringwood, Melbourne was opened on Friday last week, set to bolster export opportunities to Asian markets.

The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) CEO Mr Gary Dawson said he congratulated Kraft Foods on the opening, which he believes will “enhance industry competitiveness.”

“Through the Centre of Excellence Kraft aims to create a catalyst for the development of innovative new products and processes for the Australian and Asian markets,” Mr Dawson said.

The Kraft Foods Asia Pacific Centre of Excellence is aiming to enhance collaboration between the food industry, research agencies and both large and small companies in the food manufacturing sector, to improve Australia’s advanced food manufacturing sector.

Mr Dawson noted that while the food industry continues to invest heavily in capital expenditure, “significantly more” needs to be invested to capitalise on Australia’s comparative advantages in food production.

“In 2009-10 industry spent $466.7 million which was consistent with a three year trend of R&D growth. Governments have key roles to play in setting policies that enhance industry competitiveness by encouraging innovation, R&D and business operations,” Mr Dawson said.

“Governments can back the innovative capacity of Australian food and grocery manufacturers by easing the regulatory burden and through R&D tax incentives and accelerated capital depreciation to maintain and enhance the industry’s competitiveness,” Mr Dawson concluded.

Kraft Foods Asia Pacific opened stage one of its Centre of Excellence last week.