Australian food sustainability to be discussed at key food stakeholders’ forum

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 11th February 2013

Australian Food News recently reported on research finding that as much as half of the world’s food – amounting to two billion tonnes worth – is wasted every year. With predictions that food production needs to double to match global population growth, food security is a high priority in government discussions.

Michael McCallum, from the Global Foresight Network, says that “business as usual will not create a sustainable food system.”

The 3 Pillars Network has organised the 3rd National Sustainable Food Summit which will be held 20-21 March 2013 at the Melbourne Town Hall. This landmark event is expected to attract the largest and most diverse gathering of practitioners interested in the sustainability of our food system.

Participants will be coming from across the food supply-chain and will be exploring the roles and attributes each stakeholder can contribute to address the next stage of the conversation: ‘What is the roadmap to a sustainable and equitable food system?’

The Summit plans to map transformation moves across Australia’s food system, not just long term, but with a focus on immediate and emerging priorities.

The 3rd National Sustainable Food Summit features amongst an impressive list of speakers:

  •  Dr Peter Carberry, Deputy Director, Sustainable Agriculture Flagship, CSIRO
  • Armineh Mardirossian, Group Manager, Corporate Responsibility Community Sustainability, Woolworths
  •  Professor Ben Cocks, Director of Biosciences, Department of Primary Industries of Victoria
  •  Jim Woodhill, Principal Sector Specialist Rural Development, AusAid
  •  Michael J. Hiscox, Clarence Dillon Professor of International Affairs, Harvard University (USA)

Speakers will be addressing pressing questions such as:

  •  Where is the food system heading and what is changing?
  •  What are current initiatives and how do we accelerate progress?
  •  What roles and attributes does each stakeholder bring?
  •  How do we collaborate?

The National Sustainable Food Summit has been designed to write an inclusive and interactive program allowing participants to contribute their knowledge and expertise in delivering the outcomes from the Summit.

All participants will gain an understanding for their role in transitioning their food industry sector to achieve sustainability.

Event supporters and partners for the Summit include DPI Victoria, Meat & Livestock Australia, Grains Research & Development Corporation, City of Melbourne, Australian Food and Grocery Council, Net Balance, and WWF Australia

To learn more about the 3rd National Sustainable Sustainable Food Summit and to register to attend the Summit, visit: