“Schweppervescence” revival in new Schweppes campaign

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 20th February 2013

Schweppes Australia has launched a new ad campaign to promote the process which gives its soft drinks their “Schweppervescence.”

The 60 second video advertisement features two people tumbling through mountains and forests to a dramatic soundtrack that ends with them landing in water and emerging to the surface with the caption “This is Schweppervescence.”

Ben Goss, senior brand manager at Schweppes, told creative media outlet Mumbrella that Schweppes had always been about “the sensory experience.”

“The whoosh of gas as the bottle is opened, the dance of the bubbles as it’s poured, the tingle on the tongue – and this new campaign is designed to capture and convey the feeling of this experience,” Mr Goss said.

The advertisement was launched in a “roadblock” style of advertising which took 60 second spots across all major TV network channels at one time.

Schweppes has launched a new "Schweppervescence" campaign.