Goulburn Valley launches new “fresh” snacks range for kids

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 20th February 2013

SPC Ardmona-owned Goulburn Valley has launched a new range of pre-sliced apple snacks to be promoted by Bindi, Terri and Robert Irwin.

As part of the recent SPC Ardmona manufacturing facility upgrade in the Goulburn Valley, new preparation methods exclusively available to SPC Ardmona have allowed product developments.

The new technology allows for ultra-modern slicing of the fruit and ability to preserve the fruits’ freshness. The process is said to ensure minimal loss to the aroma, juiciness, crunchiness and appearance of the fresh-cut apple slices to be marketed under the “Goulburn Valley Fresh” brand.

Research by Datamonitor and referenced by Goulburn Valley shows that Australians consume 31 million snacks per day, but also shows that many wish that fresh fruit was more “convenient and appealing.”

SPC Ardmona Marketing and Innovation Director, Nicki Anderson said that the new products were an “exciting step forward” for the Company.

“We see chips and lollies as being our competition.  We want Goulburn Valley Fresh to be the healthy alternative to a bar of chocolate during your afternoon break or putting a bag of chips into your child’s lunch box,” Ms Anderson said.

“It’s all about convenience and ensuring a healthy option is now available for Australians to choose,” she added.

The new red and green apple Goulburn Valley Fresh snacks are being promoted by the Irwin family as a “perfect lunchbox snacks.” Goulburn Valley has announced that they have plans to release a range of other fruits too with the aid of new technology.

The launch of the new range of SPC Ardmona products is a part of an innovation shift for the revitalisation of the SPC brand. In releasing its most recent financial report to the ASX yesterday, Coca-Cola Amatil reported that the SPC Ardmona division was under pressure from cheaper supermarket brands and imports.

Bindi and Robert Irwin promote Goulburn Valley Fresh.