Domino’s Pizza to “close for an hour” on Saturday 9 March for “specialised training”

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 6th March 2013

Australian-owned and operated Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd will close all its stores across Australia for an hour on Saturday 9 March 2013 for specialised training.

Domino’s are remaining mum about exactly what the training will be, but say the move is “the first step in the making of something big”.

“What we are planning and training for is the biggest initiative we’ve launched in years and in order for us to meet this challenge, set the bar high and get it right – this closure needs to take place,” said Don Meij, Domino’s CEO.

“Customers have told us they want more from us, and we’ve listened. In order to deliver on this we are committed to closing all stores across Australia on Saturday 9 March and proving to our customers we are serious about providing the best quality, service and standards in all our stores,” said Meij.

The initiative, which Domino’s says will be a “game changer in the Australian pizza industry” will launch on Monday 11 March 2013.

Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Rennie said the closure was a big move for the Australian pizza franchise.

“Considering a lot of our stores are open on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and all public holidays throughout the year, this is a huge move for us, but one we are confident will help us reconnect with our customers as we continue to reinvigorate the way we sell and make pizzas,” said Rennie.

“During the closure the primary focus will be on improving the quality of our products, all aspects of the customer service experience and our overall image because it’s important we set the bar high and not rest on our laurels,” Rennie added.

All Domino’s stores across Australia will be closed between 10am and 11am local time on Saturday 9 March 2013 to implement these new initiatives.

Dramatic marketing is not a new move for Domino’s. In March 2012, Australian Food News reported the pizza company’s promotion to Facebook users inviting them to create a new pizza for the menu in the company’s Australian restaurants.