Capilano launches new ‘healthy snack’ honey sachet

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 15th April 2013

Leading Australian honey manufacturer Capilano has launched a new honey snack product called Snap n Squeeze.

The new product is a 7g sachet of 100 per cent pure Australian honey presented in a packaging format that Capilano said “takes the guessing” out of portion size for people who are conscious of what they consume or who have a nutrition plan.

“Honey is a completely natural and pure sweetener that we saw being able to fulfil a need for a healthy on-the-go option when packaged in a convenient, no mess format,” said Dr Ben McKee, Capilano CEO.

Capilano are marketing this honey product as being “naturally high in anti-oxidants”, having a “low-to-mid GI”, and containing “enzymes for its digestion”.

“The Australian public are becoming very savvy in selecting healthy food options to complement their increasingly busy lives,” said Dr McKee. “Honey needs to adapt with this trend and extend further than traditional home usage,” he said.

The new product will be available through Woolworths stores and sold in 12x7g packets.

Capilano has a new on-the-go honey product