Dilmah to launch ‘tea cap’ in Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 17th June 2013

Tea company Dilmah is launching a ‘tea cap’ as part of celebrations for the Company’s 25th anniversary.

Dilmah said the tea cap, available in Earl Grey and English Breakfast, is “compatible with Nespresso (TM) coffee capsule machines”, and functions in the same way as coffee capsules do.

Dilmah said the Earl Grey and English Breakfast varieties are part of its new Single Region Selection range, which is handpicked from a specific region in Sri Lanka. The English Breakfast flavour is grown in the Dimbula Valley and the Earl Grey is grown in the Ratnapura region.

The Company said the pods are “quick, convenient, and retain the favourable characterisitics of their source”. Dilmah said the Single Region Selection Tea used in the caps is crafted in the “traditional style”, a process that begins with handpicking and continues to withering, rolling, oxidation and firing. Dilmah said it has used this method for its 25 year history.

The Dilmah tea caps will be available in selected supermarkets from July 2013.

Dilmah to launch new 'tea pods'