Simplot launches new ‘Five Tastes’ Asian meal kits and sauces

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 17th June 2013

Food manufacturer Simplot has introduced a new Asian-style brand, ‘Five Tastes’, which will include meal kits, cooking sauces and pastes.

Simplot is aiming for the new brand to dominate the “highly-fragmented” Asian shelf stable category. According to market research organisation Nielsen’s ‘Retail World Grocery Guide 2012’, the category was worth $197.6 million.

The Company said it hoped the brand would also inspire Australians to cook more Asian meals at home more often.

The launch range includes Pad Thai, Green Curry, Red Curry and Laksa.

“Our research told us that people are keen to cook Asian cuisine at home but find the Asian aisle confusing with so many unfamiliar brands,” said Tara Lordsmith, General Manager Marketing at Simplot.

“It’s highly fragmented with the top 30 per cent of the category held by 10 different brands so we identified an opportunity to take leadership with a distinctive, modern new brand,” Ms Lordsmith said.

Simplot said Five Tastes – which is named because it aims to balance sweet, sour, salty bitter and savoury – is the first ever new-to-market brand launched by the Company, which owns well-known brands including Birds Eye, Leggo’s, John West, I&J, Edgell and Chiko.

“It’s one thing to experience Asian cuisine fresh from a street vendor in Asia, but it’s another thing to recreate that experience at home,” said David White, Five Tastes Executive Chief. “Achieving that balance of flavours has traditionally required precision, generations of knowledge, extensive preparation and exotic ingredients. With the Five Tastes range we have done all of that for you so can create easy, cook-at-home Asian meals that are clean, fresh and bursting with flavour,” he said.


Simplot has launched its new Five Tastes brand