Coca-Cola releases ‘limited edition’ bottles made of ice in Columbia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 17th July 2013

Global beverage giant the Coca-Cola Company has taken the idea of an ice-cold beverage literally, and released a limited edition bottle made of ice in Columbia.

The bottles, which are being sold by beachside vendors, keep with the high-recognisable contour bottle shape, and include the iconic Spencerian script lettering etched in ice.

The Coca-Cola Company said it created a new packaging design and production process to manufacture the bottles and transport them to Columbian beaches. The process involves pouring
“micro-filtered water” into silicone molds, freezing the water to minus 25 degrees Celsius, and filling the molds with Coke.

Each bottle is wrapped with a red rubber band with the Coca-Cola logo on it, to ensure consumers’ fingers do not stick to the bottle. The Company said the bands double as a keepsake once the bottle has melted.


Coca-Cola has released bottles made of ice in Columbia