James Squire launches new edition of ‘Hop Thief’ ale

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 22nd July 2013

Australian brewer Malt Shovel Brewery has launched a fifth edition of its James Squire Hop Thief ale varietal.

The fifth in a series that has used hops from around the world, Malt Shovel Brewery said the series will for the first time become a permanent fixture in its range.

“Whilst there have been four limited Hop Thief releases over the past few years that showcased hops from around the world, Hop Thief 5 marks the transition to a permanent release series,” said Jeff Potter, Malt Shovel Head Brewer. “From now on the beer will be available all year round, with seasonal changes to the hop recipe,” he said.

Malt Shovel Brewery said Hop Thief 5, which is an American Pale Ale-style brew, “delivers a distinct, full-bodied hop flavour”, using the Centennial and Citra hop varieties.

“We hope this new release will give our drinkers something to savour, as well as build anticipation for the next edition to the Varietal Series, which will once again celebrate the unique characteristics of different hop varieties,” Mr Potter said.

Malt Shovel Brewery said The Hop Thief Varietal Series commemorates the Company’s founder, James Squire, who was punished shortly after arriving in Australia for stealing a quantity of herbs known as horehound (the closest thing to hops in Australia at the time) so he could brew beer. According to Malt Shovel Brewery, as penalty for stealing the ‘hops’, a judge ordered that James Squire receive 150 lashes and “provide two barrels of his finest ale”.

James Squire Hop Thief 5 will be available on tap at selected venues in Australia from July 2013.

James Squire launches Hop Thief 5