Australia’s Canadian Club adds two new drinks to its portfolio

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 26th August 2013

Australian spirit and Ready-to-Drink (RTD) trademark, Canadian Club, has announced it will add two new RTDs to its range.

The Company said the new Canadian Club Premium RTD plays on the role Canadian Club played in the US in the 1920s and 1930s, and uses the slogan “The taste that broke prohibition”. Canadian Club Summer Crisp, which was trialled in Queensland and Western Australian markets, will also be rolled out nationally.

Canadian Club said its Premium RTD is aimed consumers looking for a “refreshing alternative to imported and craft beer”.

According to the Company, the Canadian Club Summer Crisp is ideal for consumers who are after a “lighter and less sweet beverage”. It said the packaging of the product, a clear bottle, and the dry taste are designed to convert consumers who have traditionally chosen summer-style beers or cider.

The Company said it has made “significant inroads” into expanding the category through its existing RTD offering and believes that adding a premium offering will increase its conversion of beer and cider drinkers.

“Releasing a premium, high ABV Canadian Club RTD and expanding on the proven success of Summer Crisp is a logical and aggressive move for Canadian Club, especially leading into the key summer trading period this year,” said Tiffany Madsen, Brand Manager, Canadian Club.

“We’ve made no secret we’re here to take on premium beer and recent sales data has given us a fearsome reputation in the process,” Ms Masden said. “Both Canadian Club Premium RTD and Summer Crisp will continue to keep the brand top of mind and stretch the brand to reach more consumers,” she said.

The Canadian Club Premium RTD will be mixed with a less sweet ginger ale, to create a “drier, smoother taste”, which the Company said will appeal consumers who have traditionally favoured imported and craft beer. The packaging details the history of Canadian Club, featuring period imagery of bootlegged product from legal distilleries in Canada, smuggled into Prohibition-era US.

Canadian Club Premium will be available from September 2013 in 4x330ml packs, RRP $22.99; Canadian Club Summer Crisp is available now nationwide in 4x330ml packs, RRP $16.99.