New ‘Bnto’ insert to make lunch boxes from canning jars

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 28th August 2013

US packaging manufacturer Cuppow has launched a new insert for canning jars that allows consumers to keep wet and dry ingredients separate so they can use canning jars as a lunch box.

Cuppow said canning jars are “ideal” to use as lunch boxes because they are designed to store food safely, and they are “easy to clean, cheap and microwavable”. The Company said it took inspiration from Japanese bento boxes to create the new Bnto (pronounced ‘ben-toh’) insert that separates the jar into two compartments.

The Company said the inserts could be used to store salad and dressing, yoghurt and granola, chips and dips, soup and crackers, milk and cookies, or any other wet and dry ingredients.

Cuppow said that its inserts are designed for continued use and made from plastic “sourced from recycled stock of food-grade plastic”. The Company also makes ‘Cuppow’ inserts for canning jars that allow consumers to use the jars as a travel mug.

Cuppow told Australian Food News that the products will initially be available in Australia through selected retailers, and direct to consumers through its website but the Company said there are plans to expand distribution further.