Freedom Foods launches new quinoa milk and gluten-free muesli

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 26th September 2013

Australian food manufacturer Freedom Foods has added two new products, quinoa long-life milk and gluten-free breakfast muesli, to its range.

The two new products both contain the increasingly popular grain quinoa. Freedom Foods said the new products are being launched in “recognition of the United Nation’s declaration that 2013 is the Year of Quinoa”.

“At Freedom Foods, we have strived for over 20 years to provide people with great tasting allergy-free foods, which helps them feel better,” said Rory Macleod, Freedom Group Managing Director. “We are excited to expand our portfolio of allergy-free products and provide the nation’s large community of healthy shoppers with a new and exciting way to consume this popular grain,” he said.

The non-dairy Quinoa Milk also contains a popular ancient grain, Chia, which Freedom Foods says “will provide Australia’s growing vegan community with a non-animal source of Omega 3 ALA”. Freedom Foods says its new Quinoa Milk with Chia will capitalise on the strong growth occurring in the $130 million Australian Long Life Non-Dairy Milk market.

Freedom Foods said that while many products within the long life non-dairy segment use Malt Gluten as a sweetener, it had “carved out a niche within the category as the only dedicated Gluten and Nut Free beverage brand in the market”.

The Company said the new breakfast muesli, 3 Ancient Grain Muesli, was developed both to capture the growing interest in quinoa and the demand for fructose-free foods. The muesli also contains the grains sorghum and millet.

Freedom Foods Quinoa Milk with Chia and 3 Ancient Grains Muesli are available in Coles supermarkets and independent retailers.

Freedom Foods new Quinoa Milk with Chia