Bean Supreme adds new products to its vegetarian range

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 14th October 2013

New Zealand-based food manufacturer Bean Supreme has launched two new vegetarian products in Australia – Falafel Koftas and a Gourmet Burger Pattie.

Bean Supreme said research it commissioned found that “nearly half of Australian adults had actively attempted” to reduce meat in their diet, more than a third had trialled vegetarianism, and that ‘flexitarianism’ was a new diet trend. The research, undertaken by Lonergan Research, found that one in five Australians said they stopped being vegetarian simply because of a lack of available options.

“By having more gourmet meat-free options widely available, it just makes life a little bit more convenient for people looking to reduce their meat intake, without having to compromise on taste,” said Dean Epps, Life Health Food Australia Commercial Manager.

The Bean Supreme Gourmet Burger is made from tofu, flavoured with herbs and spices. Bean Supreme said the product is manufactured “using whole soy beans that are pressed in a traditional manner”. The Falafel Koftas are made from chickpeas, broad beans and fresh herbs. Both new products are available in Woolworths supermarkets, RRP $6.89.

Other products in the Bean Supreme range include the Bean Supreme Mushroom Burger, Bean Supreme Roasted Garlic Sausage, Bean Supreme Meatballs Pomodoro, Bean Supreme Marinated Tofu Ginger and Honey, and Bean Supreme Mince in Bolognese Sauce.

Bean Supreme have two new vegetarian products